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now here are the questions

does romance sing or does it sting

now i realize that with a mirror the angle of reflection is

always equal to the angle of incidence... but why?

can the center be described?


can you describe a hole in a piece of wood?

well... it's brown and it has grain.. right?

no, that's the wood...

oh well it's the blackish part

no, no, wait a minute that's the background


ok....forget the wood. Can you describe the self?

well the self has status and belongs, gets good strokes and bad

has possessions

roles, beliefs and goals, relationships

no, those are surrounding the self

so who what where are we?

that oh so mysterious orb

we look up to within

what is the thing I'm thinking through?

what is the thing that thinks through me?

I only have two questions..........

who am why?

so i sit and send out thoughts

like ships to an silver sea

they float to error and to fancy

through distance and repose

some thoughts come back to mind

and always try to change you

some of mostly shadow

have nothing to say and say it

some in dying light hang with

gods long forgotten and memories.....suspended

some most precious ar eclipsed

but most are not real

in there corresponding cadence

but do you know when you are sitting very quiet

or talking with someone

and you're really connecting

you reach a place where a porthole

from inside opens up

lights come on

insights ignite

things unconscious become conscious

mysteries all in shade pour through to open eyes

thoughts come from far beyond the fleshy wall

and have hermitic tales to tell

so endearing so be deep

through fields of glass my questions keep

till answers quench my wanting soul

i smell the scent of waking manna

this as a whisper coming so near the inward flavor of the infinite

i have so much to share then i forget what i was thinking about

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