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The Gem in the Genius

A ceaseless reach
and never grasp just that.
There is only a moment to reflect
and it is esteem.
A maneuver to the future
bathed in the past.
The aware's rippled disturbance
a restoration to pristine.
We're what to effect a cacophany
or symphony.
Ah, that enchanting harmony.

I caressed gently the petal
and time escaped.
The blood coursed through your mind
it was kissed.
Sensed a subtle tremor
and remembered it beyond memory.

That so common a rarity
Circled and examined
Is placed at the moment removed.

Elusive it is.
Captured it is true freedom.
Released it is true love.


To Hurt Less

In this world can be no greater tormented hell,
Than to watch a love one fade slowly under a deaths spell,
To see one you knew with love remembered well,
This is the sad story here I do tell.
There came in time to my mortal plain sight,
Such a death to one who was my living light,
That delievered a fatal wound with heart wrenching fright,
I cry still in the wee lone hours of silent night.
Like yesterday the memory does never seem to fade,
Of that earth bound hell in which I did wander wade,
That upon me wounds forever last in my soul made,
I pray none other fall to lie under this accursed shade,
Witness such a tragic greek scene as mocking fate on I played.
To watch thy beloved dwindle slow wastefully die,
Before thy own never blinking seeing eye,
With tears of sorrow falling from cheek to ground fly,
You would give your soul to keep them from the pain in which they lie.
Years,weeks days long unending bleak dark hours,
You stand near breathing the stench of deaths sweet flowers,
Praying to all the gods known in their high reaching skyed towers,
To take them delivering you from griefs drenching rain showers.
Then comes the twisting fist of guilt grip steel,
Your mind dizzy spinning hurts confusion turned real,
For that which deep inside you do achingly feel,
Your soul is damned the devil you must in end be sent to deal.
No these are but the thoughts of sinewed bodied flesh,
That exist in every God made mortal beating breast,
To seek an end to this hard roads rocky weaty quest,
All you can do is do your very heartful best,
Hoping in time sands passing will come to hurt much less.

Eugene Eorl Hamblin Boswell
December 12, 1998

To Wish Upon A Grain Of Sand

To Wish Upon A Grain Of Sand
To wish upon a star, couldn't bring you a car.
To wish upon a birthday candle,
may be more than you can handle,
but when you wish upon that grain of sand
be sure it's in a loving hand.
It was his hand that held my grain of sand,
and near the end of his part it filled up my heart.

IN LOVING MEMORY OF Johnnie Lee Robinson


How well I could love you now.
Why couldn't I then?
too many details,
they don't matter when
I could love you still.
I wake in the midday of night
with the clear imprint of you
pressed upon my heart.
Why didn't I love you well?
Why did we part? And
why do I love you still?

Rebecca Oyer

I will wake up to nothingness

Look into the eyes of the cold and lonely. A shadow of myself you may see. Falling from reality, I will wake up to nothingness.

Julia Huffman

Sitting At the Water's Edge

Sitting at the water's edge Remembering, feeling, grieving. Tasting the salt of the water, Feeling the cool breezes, Touching the nothingness of the water. Remembering a face, a look, a smile, a word, a touch. Grieving the loss of a look, a smile,a word, a touch, a heart. Grieving for my own heart Grieving for my own soul, that has been lost. What is a heart without a soul? A heart that is empty, void of true feelings, of true love, of true touch. Wishing for the look, the touch, the smile, the word, that she has now. That I once had. Never good enough to keep. Just emptiness now. Sitting at the waters edge, regretting that I was not good enough, regretting and dreading what I have now. But I had no where else to turn. Even I need touch, Even if it is bad touch. As long as I make no mistakes... Standing at the water's edge, Feeling the nothingness of the water on my feet, my thighs, my waste, my chest, my neck. Tasting the salty water on my lips,in my mouth, filling my lungs. Finally, the remembering is over, the Grieving is over,the feeling is over, The emptiness is gone, The soul long gone,has returned to claim it's heart. The pain is over. Sitting at the water's edge.

Jean Buster

Little do I know

Little do I know,
That is what you say,
About the worries in this life,
That I have come to know as mine.
What about the pressure?
The popularity race?
Sick and disgusting.
Worries about the ways.
The way I look,
the way I talk,
the way I dress and who I like
I wonder why.
But why wonder?
There is no answer to the questions that I have about this life of mine.

Erin Burlingham

Encounter with vibrations

Is an encounter with vibrations so deep that now, I can not, I do not wish, it is not possible to blow them to the wind. In your eyes I can see sparks, more than stars, much more brillant, in your eyes I can see a constellation.

Martin Raskovsky

A heart is in debt.

Hot sun, blistering skin
Creamy pale, now stinging red
Lips stained black like coal
Eyes green, running deep to the soul
Blackened heart coming alive with pain
Rememberance of words that were spoken in vain
New feelings come rushing
Remorse, sorrow, regret
Hate fades away
A heart is in debt.

Samantha Beekman

There will be greater numbers of me

There will be greater numbers of me 
At the world's calling
Peers started my starving who are they to go
Shaking so much yet their eyes lie still
To frightening a dream to have the will
My appetite longs for that evening meal
We eventually give up I suppose
God knows where the breezes go when they leave my window
We who own no Earth to take our dead
Not even the grass in which we'll bed
Led by weak spirited cravings unfed
Our unexerted talents created thinner threads
Fuel for more Highbreds to be of the 
Uncoveted dead
Which of us today will batyr
With to much pardon
Go outside what's written in margins
With so promise
Lies in our bloods mauling
Never me visions how we started
Now something that didn't mean much is our calling
The vanishing
Speak of spring 
But only cold winds carrry there falling
How they end between the Devil's den
And heavens thralling 
When the dead are concious of nothing
Letting the know is quite appaling
They are our partners
Of the fruits inherited in Adam's garden
Co-Starvers to where ever the cravings lead
Yet their soul endeavor is to go ever higher until they leave
Wake up please junkies 
Who don't own the bones in their knees
To stand and succeed
You who breathe 
So that the hunger is appeased

Guess if you can and please interfere
For the few still here 
Measure their lives in mere years
Her sufferings closure 
Brings me tears 
Showing how rainy days can be clear
The reason rainbows appear in fear we're no longer here 
We were no longer near
When the Iris I kissed at breakfast 
Learned she couldn't resist
The virus 
Causing her immune defish
Her final wish
That I find love in my final lips
She died never knowing her's were it
Not because my heart doesn't longs to kiss
But I am creature who's blood to unfit
I never meant for my promiscuity to make her die
But Adultery defiled 
What in the end we couldn't reconciled
Two lives contracted together but broken by my bile 
If I had not married death 
She'd be here now
I take the fault we both have to share 
She feels my pain though she was never there
The whole doesn't work when its supposed to be paird
It's as broken as my swears
So I go with your prayers 
In the air 
In the stillness of morning
In the paceness of afternoon
In the softnest of morning we were created
Led to believe but badly decieved 
That we were ever wanted 
Accidents and mistakes
As dogs bred
Lover met in bed
And as that love met egg
Life touched us as though we're brail
Words had choices to gather yourselves 
Whispering in between the yells
We're letters to unfit to spell
Sin passed on by you into our cells
Born armed with inexperince
And the knowledge the Earth will fail
Our mother's wear no veils
Her every inhale 
Used to thicken the line between poverty and hell
Our father's preytrail
Profits from his sales
Get loss in the mail
Early they matured themselves
As their lives can tell
We raise ourselves
The offspring that are taught to be men 
Before they are children
Your youth is vanishing
In each of life's lessons
Without direction 
Where do we stop raising is the quesiton
Wrong with no correction
Your decisions will never be right
So who are you to say I'm spoiled
Leave and add more to your life
Thank you mother's who never give up 
and continually fight
Thank you father's who hold there ears 
When they say its best I suffer at night
Leave him alone out there
To the world's care 
Remember Satan ensnares 
If he can speak through snakes
Man's tongue to he can share
I'm spoiled
But if I'm doing right
Other than God who would care
The one who wouldn't win in their warfare
Forget what's been said
Let the dead bury the dead
For you are dying 
And your grown children have a life to live
And they too will have kids
Will they have learned to stop the vanishing


Finish what you started
for my heart is still not dead
I swear I can still hear
whispers of hope echoing in my head
Come on, finish what you started
strike the final blow
make sure that I am one of those souls
that love will never know
For isn't it true
you only know victory
by tasting other people's defeat
For isn't it true
you only know power
by counting the souls at your feet
And then deep 
within the darkness
I hear a voice Scream out my name
slowly, gathering strength
it resounds through my veins
I will stand and fight this battle
I will not become your prize
This soul you shall not claim
For I no longer believe your lies

By Sheila L. Papaleo
(c) Copyright April 15, 1995


Empty rooms, devoid of life
Ancient snapshots strewn about
Anything of value, hastily taken
While decaying memories, 
Are left behind like garbage,
In piles on the floor...
Empty rooms echo silence;
Barren chambers whose only occupants
Are the ghosts of some long-ago
And heart-felt sadness
Bare walls that hold recollections
Of voices raised in anger,
Of tears shed in isolation,
Of a love that somehow died...
A lifetime of accumulated treasures,
Are divided in resentment
And the winner walks away
With an armful of small, pathetic prizes
Empty rooms bear silent witness
To shattered hopes and dreams
As two battle-weary souls 
Forge separate paths
With unknown destinations...
And behind they leave
The casualties of their war,
To pick up the pieces
To fill the empty rooms...

By: Sheila Papaleo
(c) Copyright 11/15/93


It is but a moment in time
When two lives intersect
And kindred spirits are drawn together,
Igniting the fire of friendship,
To burn as a beacon
Always there
to lead the other home...
But life's path sometimes turns
And, cruelly, the flame is extinguished
And one lonely spirit
Remains behind
Left to ponder questions
Which have no answers
And tears replace
The smiles shared
While attenuated memories linger
Like faded snapshots
Framed in the darkest corners of the mind...
It is but a moment in time
When two lives are forever parted,
But love is eternal,
A tiny spark within the soul
Rising into an inferno
To burn as a beacon
Always there
To lead the other home...

By: Sheila Papaleo
(c) Copyright 11/15/93