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CHRIS & ROB To Get Married Live On-Air in Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

"And You're Invited!"

Chris Comer And Rob Ervin From WAIF's "Chris & Rob Late Night Talk Show" Tied The Knot Live On March 30th Broadcast.

In an age when same-sex marriages are becoming more and more commonplace - and controversial - Chris And Rob thought "it was about time to get hitched." Live on the programís Tuesday March 2nd broadcast, Chris proposed to Rob. The wedding date was set for Tuesday March 30th's broadcast at 10:00 pm, complete with Minister, Bridesmaid and Best Man. Not to be confused with a gay couple, Chris is quick to point out the duo are straight. "If the Gay Community doesnít want to be discriminated against because they are gay, well, Rob and I don't want to our love to be condemned just because we are straight. It's really about being proud of our commitment to one another - we've been doing this show for almost fifteen years after all!"

The wedding on the Tuesday March 30th broadcast was preceded by a bachelor party on the Tuesday March 23 broadcast, and a bridal shower on the March 16 broadcast. "Our gift registry is at the Norwood White Castle," reminds Rob, who adds that a new pair of his-and-his socks might be cool too.

It is likely that this is the first same-sex wedding to be broadcast live on the radio and internet, and most certainly the first straight same-sex talk-show-host-duo to get married live on the air.

The live broadcasts can be heard on 88.3 fm locally in Cincinnati and internationally online at

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On Tuesday, February 17, 2004 Chris & Rob welcomed Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Conductor Paavo Jarvi to the show. They discussed contemporary music and took listener phone calls on classical music. Everyone had a blast. Bravo Chris, Bravo Rob, Bravo Paavo!

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Here in Ohio, lots of issues get our state government all riled up. The debate over the nomination of the Ohio State Fish is no different. In this extended RealAudio clip from the show, Chris & Rob discuss the pros and cons of smallmouth bass and walleye with State Rep. Chris Redfern, D-Ottawa County. Ohio's State Fish? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

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